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9 Years of Exemplary Services in Baltimore, Maryland, and Beyond | Allsup LLC

Allsup LLC Baltimore MD based company Tech refresh project in 2015 minority owned family business
Allsup LLC, Baltimore, MD-based company, first Tech refresh project in 2015 when they were called MA IT Services

BALTIMORE, MD (Allsup Life)- This year, we congratulate Allsup LLC on nine years of providing exemplary services through innovative solutions with a wide range of services to Baltimore, Central Maryland, and beyond!

• 22% of business startups fail in the first year

• 50% of new businesses fail within the first five years

• 65% don't make it in the first ten years (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

When Allsup LLC began as M.A. IT services, it was with every chance of failure, a 100% chance of failing. Their fortune didn't just accidentally happen. Owned by Ashley Allsup and her husband, Marvin. The business started after years of planning and learning while raising little Allsup's.

Marvin Allsup Owner of Allsup LLC working in Baltimore Maryland
Marvin Allsup, Owner of Allsup LLC when the company started as MA IT Services

In 2015, Marvin Allsup, a young Black American, husband, and father of five living in Baltimore, MD, was striving for balance and authenticity. One evening, while speaking with coworkers at work, Marvin realized it was time to resume their journey. The one they pressed pause on 15 years earlier.

Ashley Johnson and Marvin Allsup met in 1998, back then Marvin shared thoughts and dreams with Ashley about being an entrepreneur and building a business that enriches lives through exemplary services and empowers other companies through innovative solutions.

Allsup Life, a distinctive brand under Allsup, LLC, is not just another Branding and Content Creation Agency; we are storytellers at heart, turning personal and business narratives into powerful, engaging experiences.

Our comprehensive services– from strategic marketing and branding to innovative PR, dynamic content strategy, high-quality video production, and immersive podcasting – are designed to elevate your story in a crowded digital landscape.

As we expand, we aim to bring these personalized, creative services to a broader audience, enabling more brands and individuals to amplify their stories and resonate with audiences worldwide.

To help others discover how Allsup Life can transform their narrative – we spoke with Ashley and Marvin Allsup about their journey.

Ashley and Marvin Allsup in a university gym after fitness equipment install
Ashley and Marvin Allsup, Owners of Allsup Life an Allsup Company after a fitness equipment installation project.

"We're very fortunate to be here!

Before age 21, we had already started a few businesses together.

We sold candles at the flea market; we tried dropshipping on eBay and almost bought an ice cream truck a few times. We even had a Hot or Not style Website called  "Proud of Mine," where people showed off what they were most proud of for a chance to win cash prizes.

Web Archive from Wayback Machine of Proudofmine website
Web Archive from Wayback Machine of Proudofmine

It's not the type of business I would start today; however, I'm still all about people being able to express themselves without judgment.

We even bought storage lockers for a while, but that didn’t make me happy at the end of the day, so I had to move on.

I still need to include a few other businesses but believe me, the list can go on!

Thankfully, Ashley is also a creative mind, so being able to bounce our ideas off each other has always been something I've enjoyed.

All my life, I dreamed of running a business so big that I could stop homelessness.

I didn't realize how hard that would be when I started my first business at 15, selling snacks in high school. 

Before turning 15, I got paid for shoveling snow like most kids. I even got my first W2 when I was 14. But this was different because it was my business.

I did research! I asked the guy who ran the candy truck in our neighborhood where he got his products; I learned how he determined what to sell each item for; I asked every question he was willing to answer.

I developed my system. I found a liquidation store in the same shopping center my mother frequently visited. I would buy only things that are easy to carry in a duffel bag, like candy and soda, and no chips or easily damaged items.

The stuff sold so quickly and easily. I would take orders the next day and change my inventory based on what was selling.

At the end of the school day, I would sell the remaining inventory at cost or give the items away at study hall or before football practice. I always wanted to start the next day with fresh inventory.

That business ended when a teacher questioned why I had over $500 on me in school. My mother showed up later for them to release the money I made to her.

While that business "failed," I learned a lot of valuable lessons that helped shape my views on how a company should run.

It was to provide services with:

• Trust

• Excellence

• Dedication

• Love

There's a phrase that Ashley and I say to our kids: "Put everything you have into whatever you're doing, or don't do it at all."

That's the mentality that we have with every project that Allsup LLC takes on.

M.A. IT Services started with nothing, no website, no clients, no projects, no leads, and no team!

All we had when we started was us and the determination to learn the things needed to be successful."

Marvin has a love and passion for technology, with 15 years of experience working in various roles with the most prominent commercial moving company (at that time) in Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Virginia.

M.A. IT Services was born

With a focus on commercial and office technology moves, help desk support, and home computer repairs, They set out to change the world one project at a time.

Map with pin locations of projects completed by Allsup LLC in first year business as M.A. IT Services
Map of Allsup LLC first year in business as M.A. IT Services in Baltimore, Central Maryland, and Beyond!

Today, Allsup LLC is deeply committed to making a tangible and positive impact in the community by introducing The Unity Bridge Foundation, focused on initiatives that promote inclusivity, understanding, and support for those in need.

The Unity Bridge Foundation logo
The Unity Bridge Foundation

Please, spend some time with Allsup Life as we continue the story of Allsup LLC and see what Life with Allsup is all about.

It's a long journey; the story is still being written, and we want you to be a part of it.

Step 1 - Receive 10% off your first service when you sign up and connect with us through the Allsup Life blog. Read more stories like this, stay updated on events, new video releases, health and wellness tips from qualified professionals, and more.

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We only share positivity and information to uplift and better everyone, a part of the Allsup Life community.

• Allsup Life – Storytellers at heart, turning personal and business narratives into powerful, engaging experiences.

Tech Services – specializes in providing top-tier technology support and solutions for businesses and individuals in Baltimore and beyond.

Furniture & Fitness Equipment Assembly Services – Expertly assembling and installing a wide range of furniture and fitness equipment.

Prime Movers – Premier moving solutions in the Baltimore region and beyond.

Speedily Delivery & Courier Services – We specialize in rapid, reliable, and secure delivery solutions for businesses and individuals.

HandyFriends Concierge Service - Redefines the property, virtual, and personal concierge service experience by blending professional expertise with a personal touch.


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