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Introducing the New Era of Allsup LLC: Innovation, Community, and Beyond

December 23, 2023 Baltimore, Maryland – Allsup LLC, a company long recognized for its innovative solutions and exemplary service, is excited to announce its evolution into a multifaceted holding company with a renewed commitment to both business excellence and social responsibility.

A Journey of Growth and Transformation

Founded by visionary entrepreneur Marvin Allsup, Allsup LLC began its journey as M.A. IT Services, a company that quickly earned recognition for its outstanding technology solutions and customer service.

Today, we've grown beyond our roots, embracing a wider scope of services and community impact as a holding company overseeing a diverse portfolio of specialized subsidiaries.

These include:

  • Tech Services: Providing cutting-edge technology support.

  • Furniture and Fitness Equipment Assembly Services: Expert assembly and installation.

  • Prime Movers: Offering top-tier moving services.

  • Speedily Delivery and Courier Services: Ensuring fast and reliable deliveries.

  • HandyFriends Concierge Service: Personalized services for everyday needs.

  • Allsup Life: A creative agency for personal branding and content creation.

Unity Bridge Foundation: Our Commitment to Community

Our expansion includes the establishment of the Unity Bridge Foundation, a nonprofit arm dedicated to supporting people facing homelessness and identity-based challenges.

Through this initiative, we are providing meals, housing opportunities, career training, job assistance, and finical literacy affirming our dedication to making a tangible positive impact in the community.

Looking Ahead: A Vision of Innovation and Impact

As Allsup LLC moves forward, we are not just aiming for business growth; we are striving to create a legacy of positive change in both the community and the industry.

We are committed to continuous improvement, exploring new ventures, and maintaining our role as leaders in professional services.

We invite you to join us in this exciting new chapter. Experience the Allsup difference, where every service is a step towards making your world easier and enriching the community.

For more information, visit or follow us on Social media at AllsupLife on all platforms.

Contact: Marvin Allsup

Phone: (202) 517-TACO 8226


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