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The Allsup Company: A Vision Turned Reality

M.A. IT Services

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In 2015, our founder, Marvin Allsup, started M.A. IT Services, the seed from which Allsup LLC would eventually grow.

We embarked on our journey, focusing on technology moves, help desk support, and home computer repairs.

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Seizing Opportunities: The Expansion of Services

A golden opportunity arose when invited us to join Amazon Home & Business Services.


Marvin, saw beyond just tech services, envisioning a broader spectrum of offerings.

Diversifying Our Portfolio: The Birth of Assembly Services

The solution was clear: branch out into furniture and fitness equipment assembly.

Thus, opening limitless possibilities for office installations and home assembly services, leading to the inception of Furniture & Fitness Equipment Assembly Services.

2016 - 2020

Scaling New Heights: The Evolution into M.A. Services

M.A. Services

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By 2016, we expanded beyond our initial focus, transforming into M.A. Services.

We quickly became a top-rated provider for Amazon's services platform. Our commitment to quality was reflected in our impressive 99.9% customer satisfaction rating.

A staggering 99.9% satisfaction rating with over 5,000 projects completed.

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Growth didn't stop there. In 2020, we evolved into The Allsup LLC, strategically positioning our diverse services as distinct brands.

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Expert technology support and service solutions

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Building dreams, one piece at a time.

Furniture Fitness Equipment Assembly Services Logo

Top-tier moving services for residential and commercial clients.

Prime Movers Logo

Fast, reliable delivery and courier solutions.

Speedily Delivery and Courier Services Logo

Personalized concierge services for everyday convenience.

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2023 - Present


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The Present & Future

 Fast-forward to 2023, Allsup now boasts five service brands to cater to all your residential and commercial needs.

Storytellers at heart, turning personal and business narratives into powerful, engaging experiences.

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Unity Bridge Foundation

2024, Combating homelessness and providing essential support to those grappling with unique identity-based challenges.

So, What's next for Allsup?

The sky's the limit. With a dedication to excellence, customer satisfaction, and a drive to provide top-notch services, the future is bright for this Baltimore, Maryland-based powerhouse.

The Allsup Company team, dedicated to providing top-notch home and business services in Baltimore

Serving Baltimore with Trust, Excellence, and Dedication

Meet The Allsup Company: Your Partner in Home & Business Services

Have Questions?

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