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Finding Volunteers Through The Allsup Company

We’re committed to safely connecting neighbors for essential services, especially during times of need. “Projects for Good” connects vulnerable individuals and organizations in need with local volunteers who donate their time and skills to support their communities.

If you’re looking for a volunteer, visit this page to find volunteers near you. If you’re looking to volunteer through Projects for Good, visit here to download and register through The Allsup Company.

Please follow all public health guidance and regulations in your area during your project, including social distancing and proper sanitation. Please click here if you need more information on using The Allsup Company safely and taking precautions against COVID-19.

Who does Projects for Good serve?

Projects for Good is intended for individuals impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic (immune compromised, elderly, disabled, healthcare workers) and organizations (non-profits, government agencies, community-based organizations, local small businesses) experiencing financial hardships and in need of volunteer support.

Please note that all of the Projects completed under Projects for Good can also be booked in The Allsup Company's regular marketplace — we kindly encourage those not in a vulnerable population to hire The Allsup Comapny there.

What kinds of projects can I find volunteer help for?

The Allsup Company can pick up medications; deliver masks, gloves, and other personal protective equipment; deliver meals from schools to students in need; board up windows for small businesses or community centers during “shelter in place” orders; shop for groceries — and more.

Please follow applicable public health guidance and government regulations during your project. The Allsup Company will do the same to protect their health and yours.

Where are Projects for Good available?

As of July 9, 2022, Projects for Good is available in each city The Allsup Company serves. To see a full list of cities, visit here.

How do Projects for Good work?

Projects for Good are booked and completed the same as any other project via The Allsup Company website or app but are free of charge (except for any expenses, such as groceries). Select the Volunteer Help category and the day and time you need help.

Browse volunteer Projects to find the right fit for you. Please share all relevant details with The Allsup Company in your project description and via chat, including what you need to be done and how long you estimate the project will take. This prepares The Allsup Company to help in the best way possible.

After completing your project, you’ll be charged for related expenses (such as groceries) but not the project itself. If you’d like to review and/or tip your HandyFriend, you can do so when prompted. It’s optional (but appreciated!), and your HandyFriend receives 100% of all tips.

What if my project involves expenses?

While you won’t be charged for the project, we will ask for a credit card at booking to cover any expenses. You can reimburse volunteers through The Allsup Company site for any purchases they make for you. For example, if you ask a volunteer to pick up groceries, they will input the cost of the groceries into the project, which you can review. When the job is complete, your volunteer will be automatically reimbursed using the credit card that you have attached to your Allsup Company account.

How can I tip my volunteer?

Volunteers work for free, but you can still tip them! If you wish to tip a volunteer, please do so when prompted after your project.

Why am I not seeing any HandyFriends in my search?

We’re sorry, but all volunteers may be busy at your desired time. Please try searching for a different time window. If you are in a position to do so, you can also book a regular project through our regular marketplace at our upfront and pre-priced rates.

How do I volunteer through Projects for Good?

It’s easy to volunteer, and there is no cost to register. Please click here to download and register through The Allsup Company site. After your registration is approved, you can opt into the Volunteer category to start receiving volunteer requests.

How can I partner with Projects for Good?

If you work with or know of a community organization that needs volunteer help (nonprofits, local senior assisted living facilities, etc.), please email

HandyFriends in the volunteer category are subject to The Allsup Company Terms of Service and Privacy Policy but are not covered by The Allsup Happiness Pledge.

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