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Mounting Project Tips for Clients

There are several ways to set yourself and your Friend up for success for an upcoming Mounting project. In this article, we'll share some advice and tips that you may find useful!

It helps to communicate directly in the chat thread before the project takes place to ensure you both have all the necessary details for everything to go smoothly.

Below are some points you can share with your Friend to help effectively plan the project:

  • What are the items needing to be mounted?

  • Where is the item from? Can you send product links, so your Friend knows what to expect?

  • What type of wall will the item(s) be mounted on?

    • For a standard mounting job, it will likely be drywall or plaster wall types. This is essential to clarify early on because your Friend may need special tools for concrete, cinderblock, masonry, or brick.

  • What room in the house will the item be mounted in?

  • Let your Friend know if you will need help moving any furniture out of the way to perform your project.

  • Inform your Friend if you have furniture coverings or blankets they can use to protect furniture if they are mounting items above it.

  • Will the project require a ladder, and will you be providing it? If not, please double-check that your Friend can bring one.

  • Lastly, confirm any last-minute details with your Friend, including the apartment number (if applicable) and any helpful parking information.


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