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How to Assemble Your Midway Legacy Edition Arcade Machine in 2023 Arcade1up

Congratulations on getting your new Arcade1Up machine. These arcade machines are a great addition to any game room, but they must be assembled first. You can watch the video below to follow along if you want to see how to assemble your Arcade1Up machine.

Step 1

Insert 4 wood dowels (part a) into the inner holes of part "G".

Step 2

Part A: Insert panel "G" into panel "D", aligning the dowels into holes in panel "D"

Part B: Insert 2 screws (part b) through panel "D" and screw until tight into panel "G"

Step 3

Insert 4 wood dowels (part a) into outer holes in both "K"s and "L" boards

Step 4

Part A: Insert "K" & "L" boards into panel "D" and screw in boards with one "B" screw

Part B: Attached part "J" to panel "D" see video for orintation of part "J"

Arcade1Up Machine During Assembly
Arcade1Up Machine During Assembly

Step 5

Attach 4 brackets (part f) to the back of the LCD frame

Step 6

Part A: Flip built panels over (see video part 6)

Part B: Insert the LCD frame (part a) into the slot of panel "D"

Part C: Screw in 4 screws (part c)

Installing LCD for Arcade1Up Machine
Installing LCD for Arcade1Up Machine

Step 7

Part A: Insert 10 wood dowels into the marquee (part m) and part "B"

Part B: Attach bracket (part f) to part "B" using 2 screws (part c)

Part C: Attach the marquee (part m) to part "B" using 2 screws (part c)

Part D: Attach the assembled marquee with speakers into panel "D"

Step 8

Insert panel H into panel "D" slot, making sure panel "H" notches in the marquee (part B) slot

Step 9

Slide logo panel "I" into straight groove and panel "N" into the shorter angled groove

Step 10

Part A: Attach part "J" to panel "E"

Part B: Lay side panel "E" on top, and insert the panel into all dowels. Helpful Tip

Part C: Using "B" screws, insert and screw side panel "E" securely down

Step 11

Part A: Stand your Arcade1Up machine upright

Part B: Insert 2 "C" screws for each f bracket screw

Step 12

Insert 1 "B" screw into panel "D"

Step 13

Remove protective film from the LCD

Step 14

Part A: Connect ribbon cable from LCD to the control panel

Part B: complete joystick installation

Part C: Using 4 "B" screws attach the control deck to parts "J"

Step 15

Plug in the sound, light and power into the LCD back box

Power, Sound, and Lights connected to LCD
Power, Sound, and Lights connected to LCD

Step 16

Insert other end of cord "X" into lower hole on the back panel "F"

Step 17

Using 3 "E" screws, attach the back panel

Arcade1Up Arcade Mortal Kombat
Arcade1Up Arcade Mortal Kombat

If you would rather someone come out to your home or office to assemble your Arcade1Up Machine, click here to book same-day assembly services.


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