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Certificate of Insurance (COI)

You can download our COI by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.

Please Note: The COI is an as-is document and cannot be edited for any reason. Regulations vary by building and city, so be sure to check with your Client regarding the applicability of the Allsup Company COI.

Some building managers ask for a Certificate of Insurance(COI) before The Allsup Company can complete a project.

A COI is a document that provides information on specific insurance coverage. The certificate verifies Allsup's insurance and contains information on coverage types and limits, insurance company, policy number, insured names, and policy effective dates. This policy may apply if a user files a claim against Allsup; it does not respond to claims filed by one user of our technology against another user (i.e., Clients filing a claim against a HandyFriend or vice versa).

All claims are subject to the Allsup Happiness Pledge. If your Client has questions about what’s covered under the Allsup Happiness Pledge, please have them read it online at this page.

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