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How Do I Hire a HandyFriend?

To book a project on The Allsup Company app:

  • Tap on the appropriate project category on the app’s home screen or by using the search bar at the top of the screen.

  • Input the address where your project will take place. You’ll be asked to input both a start and end address for certain projects.

  • Tap “Continue.”

  • Select the day and time you want to schedule your project.

    • You can schedule a project up to 14 days in advance.

    • Date and times are shown according to availability.

  • Tap “Select & Continue.

  • Input the details for your project. It can be good to include: any supplies your HandyFriend may need to bring, parking info, or any time or budget restrictions you may have.

  • Tap “Review project.

  • Review your project details to make sure everything is correct. On this screen, you can also:

    • Update your payment method.

    • Add a promo code.

  • Tap “Confirm” to finish booking your project.

To Book a HandyFriend on the web:

  • Choose your project category from the homepage or by using the search bar.

  • Fill out the requested info, including the project address.

  • Click "Select & Continue" once you've decided on a date and time. You can book a project up to 14 days in advance.

  • Input details about your project, such as what you need to be done and any special supplies required. Once your project details have been added, click "Select & Continue."

  • You'll see a project summary before you complete your booking.

If you still need help booking your project, please contact us via the Live chat.

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