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Desktop Disconnect Reconnect Service

Seamless Desktop Disconnect & Reconnect Solutions for Your Business

  • Price Varies

Service Includes

Tech Services, An Allsup Company provides specialized Desktop Disconnect/Reconnect Services. Here's a detailed overview: Disconnection: Items are checked for proper labels Inventory of each workstation Each desktop is powered off. All cables, keyboard, mouse, speakers, etc., are removed and placed in a peripheral bag. Reconnection: Equipment is placed in the designated area per labels. Desktops are unpackaged and set up at the designated location. Keyboards, mice, power cords, surge protectors, and network cables are reinstalled. Printers/fax machines are unpackaged, set up, and powered up for self-test. Additional Services: Mounting monitors on arms. Cable Management Next day helpdesk support Techs hold CompTIA A+, CompTIA Security+, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Linux+, and more certifications.

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