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How to Load a Cargo Trailer? 5 Things You Should Know!

If you are reading this, I assume you are getting ready to load a cargo trailer for an upcoming move, or maybe you're going on an extended trip.

Before you start loading your trailer, there are five things you should remember to make sure you load your cargo trailer safely and efficiently.

Let's help you get your trailer loaded with this step-by-step guide. These steps are a general guide for loading a trailer correctly. Proper loading will vary based on trailer type.

Park your trailer on a level surface

Begin by making sure your trailer is parked on a level surface. If it is not level, it may shift or tip once the loading begins.

It is best to ensure your trailer is on level ground before you start and that there’s plenty of room for your vehicle to be hitched up.

Chock the wheels

To further stabilize your trailer while loading it, wheel chocks are recommended.

Simply chocking the wheels will help ensure your trailer won’t move or roll while loading cargo. It will also help prevent shifting once weight is added to the trailer.

You can also hitch your trailer up to your vehicle before loading and place the vehicle in park with the emergency brake engaged to help keep the trailer stabilized.

Make sure the weight is distributed 60/40

Before loading anything into the trailer, take a quick inventory of your cargo and roughly plan out where you’ll be placing it in the trailer.

The rule to follow is 60/40. (see video above)

60% of the trailer load should be in front of the axle, and 40% should be behind. This will help ensure proper tongue weight to deter trailer sway.

Load heaviest items First

Following the 60/40 rule when loading a trailer is vital for safe towing. The best way to load for proper weight distribution is to start with the largest and heaviest items.

Place heavy cargo in the trailer's center, just forward of the axle. Then, lighter-weight items can be placed around them, being distributed evenly.

Place Lightweight Cargo on Top

With heavy items loaded, you can load the lighter cargo in open nooks or on top of the heavy cargo if it is safe.

Lightweight cargo may include small tools or supplies, or it could be leaves or yard waste. When packing small items, it is helpful to put them together in a larger container and load them on the trailer.

Are you ready to Load Your Trailer?

Loading your trailer can seem intimidating, especially when you're also getting ready to travel with a trailer.

Great News! It doesn’t have to be. Prime Movers, An Allsup Company, will be here to help you with loading and unloading services.


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