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furniture assembly services

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Service Includes

 Fully insured professional furniture assembler

 Assembly of customer-supplied furniture per product instructions

 Typical assembly time of 1 - 3 hours

 Hauling away of packaging after assembly is not included with this service

Note: Once you start the booking process, you can add on additional services.

Transform Your Space with Allsup Furniture Assembly Services

Struggling to assemble your furniture? Experience hassle-free service!

Avg Service Cost $75 - $150

Frustrated with complex furniture assembly instructions?

Many find themselves puzzled by the complex instructions and numerous parts involved in assembling furniture, turning what should be a simple task into a frustrating ordeal.

Imagine spending your entire weekend figuring out which screw goes where leading to a half-assembled chair that doesn't feel as sturdy as it should. The confusion not only wastes your time but also challenges your patience.

Furniture and Fitness Equipment Assembly Services, we take this burden off your shoulders. Our skilled technicians handle everything from unboxing to final setup, ensuring a perfect build every time. Choose us for a swift, reliable, and perfect assembly, making your furniture ready to use without any hassles.

What You'll Find on This Page:

  • Customer Reviews: Real testimonials from satisfied customers attest to the quality and reliability of our service.

  • How to Book: A simple, step-by-step guide outlining how to book a service appointment with us.

  • Our Process: A detailed look at what you can expect from when you book until your service is completed.

  • FAQs: Quick answers to the most commonly asked questions about our services, pricing, and policies.

  • Why Choose Us: Key reasons and benefits that make our services stand out

  • Contact Us: Various ways to reach out to us for more information, customer support or to start your journey with Allsup.

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How Our Furniture Assembly Process Works

From initial consultation to final inspection, our process is designed to ensure your furniture setup is seamless and stress-free.

By choosing Allsup, you're not just getting a service; you're investing in a seamless experience that guarantees quality and satisfaction from start to finish.


Answers to common questions about our furniture assembly services.

​Quick and Simple Booking Process

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Browse through our wide range of services and select the one that best suits your needs. From assembly to tech support, we've got you covered.

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Pick a date and time that works best for you. Our flexible scheduling options ensure that we can accommodate your busy lifestyle.

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Review booking details and confirm your chosen service, date, and time. Complete the process to secure your appointment with our skilled professionals.

Why Choose Allsup for Your Furniture Assembly?

Choose us for fast, reliable, and affordable furniture assembly. We guarantee quality and satisfaction with every piece we assemble.

By choosing us, you're not just getting a service; you're making a wise investment in quality, reliability, and peace of mind.

​Upfront & Flat Rate Pricing

5 Star Rated

Allsup Guarantee 

Discover the Allsup Difference

Furniture Assembly

At Furniture & Fitness Equipment Assembly Services, we go beyond the conventional assembly service; we partner with you to enhance and simplify your lifestyle. Founded under the Allsup LLC umbrella, our mission revolves around simplifying your living spaces with precision and care.

From humble beginnings as a specialized service, we have grown into a trusted leader in professional furniture and fitness equipment assembly, embodying the Allsup commitment to exceptional service and community involvement.

Who We Are

As a key subsidiary of Allsup LLC, we bring expertise and meticulous attention to every project. Whether it's assembling delicate home furniture or setting up complex fitness stations, our skilled technicians ensure that every screw and panel is perfectly in place, reflecting our core principle of simplifying complexities.

Our Journey

Starting as a focused service provider, we quickly distinguished ourselves with our commitment to reliability and quality. Recognized on platforms like Amazon Home Services, our journey from a local service to a top-rated assembly provider in Baltimore and beyond showcases our adaptability and dedication to excellence. Explore our history.

Our Philosophy

We believe every furniture piece and fitness equipment setup should be hassle-free and perfectly integrated into your space. Our philosophy is built on creating seamless client experiences, ensuring every interaction adds value and satisfaction. This client-first mindset is at the heart of what we do, driving us to deliver top-tier services consistently.

Community Involvement

True to the Allsup legacy, we extend our impact beyond business through active participation in community initiatives. From local events to broader charitable efforts, our team is committed to making a difference in the communities we serve.


Our dedication to sustainability is evident in our operations, from eco-friendly assembly practices to recycling programs for packaging materials. We're committed to reducing our environmental footprint while delivering high-quality services.

Why Choose Allsup Assembly Services

Choosing us means opting for a service that stands for quality, efficiency, and reliability. We personalize our services to fit your schedule and specifications, ensuring a smooth and satisfactory experience every time.

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